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Friday, November 30, 2007

Bag the Habit collaboration with Kirk Bray

We met Liz Long, the owner of Bag the Habit, about a year ago. A neighbor of ours, who knew of our leather business and experience, asked if we could give some advice to a friend of hers who was starting a reusable shopping bag business. We were intrigued and decided to meet. Over some danish’s and coffee we shared our ideas and suggestions. Liz's business was essentially ready to launch and we really loved her ideas and the name “Bag the Habit.” We were both immediately struck by her focus and dedication. I think after that first meeting we both sort of knew her business would really take off despite any words of wisdom we might have bestowed.

Last summer, knowing Kirk was a painter, Liz asked if he would be interested in doing an artist collaboration piece with a natural canvas tote. There were around 25 artists who participated in the event. I think he was quite pleased with how his "City Bag" came out. He used oil paints and covered the whole bag. He removed the existing straps and added some natural, vegetable-tanned ones. It was a great event with a very important message. It was held at the Lex Leonard Gallery in Jersey City and the most of the proceeds were donated to the New York City’s Gaia Institute. The show was titled, REDUCE and it highlighted the impact of plastic shopping bags as well as other disposable products. Something we all need to be more mindful of.

“As people accept the fundamental importance of reduction, their buying habits will change. They’ll avoid wasteful products and by-products and the demand for responsible, low-impact choices will grow. The disposable culture won’t survive.” - Liz Long.

Please visit her web-site to see her new bags!

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Love the bag!!

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