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Friday, March 20, 2009

Field Trip 3/09

We decided to take our interns on a field trip to NYC the other day.......

Chris, Kirk, Maddy, Michael and Marta

We started out at Westpfal's Cutlery and Tools/Continental Dies. Westpfal's, has been in NY since 1874. We use them for all sorts of leather related things. If you are in NYC and that set of Trident Wusthof or Henckle knives are dull then this is the place to go. Carmella will take care of you. She has been there since 1951.

We then headed to some of our fabric and leather wholesalers and pawed around and got some samples. Libra Leather, arguably the best leather supplier in the US, is always an interesting event. Too much to choose from and their prices are sometimes a bit tough to swallow but if you want the leather Gucci uses for their saddles then this is the place. Mitch Alfus, the owner, is a character, big time collector and with 30+ years in the business knows everything there is to know. The Selby has a great profile on Mitch.

Hunger beckoned so John's Pizza on Bleeker was the unanimous decision. This West Village landmark has been around since 1929. Workers still haul up coal each morning to feed the old brick oven which gives John's Pizza its distinctive and addictive flavor. It's a must if you are visiting NYC.

It was a fun day. Thanks M, M and M. We really appreciate your energy, ideas and hard work. We are thinking an inspirational field trip to Dia:Beacon is in the cards next.