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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Great Blog & Great Store

Archival Clothing is one of my favorite blogs. Lesli, who runs it, never ceases to amaze me. It is packed with interesting finds, historical imagery, Americana, cycling info, outdoor gear....the list goes on and on. Besides sharing an appreciation for the outdoors, cycling and American made goods we consult from time to time of various projects. We also both like Jordan Sayler's men's store, Winn Perry located in Portland, OR. Lesli lives near by and from time to time posts items from the store. Usually a Billykirk item will find its way into the post. Our Tan No. 155 card case below, a recent purchase by Lesli, was picked up at Winn Perry.

Looks to be aging quite nicley. The backdrop is Lane County, OR.

Jordan, the purveyer of this fine establishment is cut from a different cloth. Always impeccably dressed, he not only exudes a since of style not seen since the 40's but he also has no airs about him. I have yet to visit the Winn Perry shop but I can guarantee you it's one of the top men's shops in that region. One look at his offerings and you will be hooked.


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